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Sorry, coworker dude: That’s not how you make mac ‘n’ cheese

Addie Broyles

Mac and cheese took over Twitter today.

A Twitter user @ coolstoryjanis posted a photo on Thursday morning of a macaroni and cheese that her coworker brought to potluck.

It doesn’t look like the mac and cheese that you might have been expecting.

Of all the mistakes you could make when preparing mac and cheese, this one is pretty common. Technically, it *is* macaroni and cheese, but the cheese hasn’t been heated enough to melt and — even more critically — hasn’t been melted into a sauce that will coat the pasta.

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This poor coworker got roasted on social media, but I think we’ve all been there ( minus the internet shame).

So how do you make proper homemade mac and cheese? Well, you could just buy a frozen container of Luby’s and serve it in a casserole dish — just don’t fib about it when you get to the potluck.

For traditional homemade cheese, you’ll need to make a standard bechamel sauce with flour/butter/milk/cheese, similar to this Chowhound recipe.

It’s not difficult to cook the flour in the butter and then add the milk and cheese, but it does take more effort than opening a box.

That’s not to say I don’t serve the Kraft blue box, too, but it’s nice to know how to make a cheesy sauce that you can use on plain ol’ macaroni or in a casserole.

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