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Accessories: Austin woman develops seat belt for your purse

Nicole Villalpando
MyBagBelt secures your bag to the car seat. MyBagBelt

Kristine Palmer solved a problem. You’re in rush-hour traffic. You hit your brakes, and your purse, which was sitting on the seat beside you, goes flying through the air, spilling its content all over your car.

She developed MyBagBelt, which buckles your purse into the seat. You also can use it to secure laptops, groceries, diaper bags, anything that you don’t want moving around the car. When not in use, the belt can slide down to the crease of the seat and not be in the way of a person who might sit there.

The belts are $17.99 for the original one and $19.99 for a belt in different colors or patterns. Find them at