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Republic Square Park reopened, but SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown isn’t moving back in – yet

Addie Broyles

In May of 2016, Republic Square Park closed for renovations, and the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown had to move out of the park and into a closed-off section of a street next to the park.

The park finally reopened late this week, but the market isn’t moving back in just yet.

The Sustainable Food Center has been running the downtown market on Saturday mornings for more than a decade in this historic park west of Congress Avenue, but the dozens of farmers, ranchers and food artisans who sell each week haven’t been able to line the edges of the green space, including a lovely strip near the stunning new federal courthouse, like they always have.

The city announced this week that Republic Square Park was officially reopen, but the Sustainable Food Center says it won’t be able to move the market back into the park because of the last-minute notice. This weekend’s market will have the same footprint that it has had since last year, but on Oct. 14, shoppers will find vendors set up in the newly renovated park. There won’t be an official reopening event until March, a rep with the nonprofit said.

SFC operates three weekly farmers markets, including one on Saturday mornings at Toney Burger Center in Sunset Valley and another on Wednesday afternoons at the Triangle in Central Austin, and they also host an array of cooking and gardening classes at their East Austin headquarters. Click here to find the schedule of upcoming events, as well as the locations of the organization’s community farmstands.