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Austin dads and kids can find their zen at this unconventional Father’s Day activity

Arianna Auber
The Little Yoga House offers aerial yoga classes and will have one just for fathers and their kids this weekend for Father's Day.

The Little Yoga House is normally the place where young kids, expectant mothers and their families find their zen. This weekend, however, one special class will be specifically for kids and their dads. They can participate in a very unconventional Father’s Day activity: aerial yoga.

That’s right. Dads, how about it?

Father and child will be guided through 50 minutes of aerial yoga (yoga, you know, but in the air using stretchy loops of fabric called hammocks) — doing such things like swinging, going upside down, balancing, even flying. According to the Little Yoga House, the aerial yoga session will strengthen their minds and bodies.

So dads, on Father’s Day, you could be getting the typical “Best Father Ever” mug or, instead, you could be finding your center suspended in a gigantic hammock. There’s a clear winner here.

The 2 p.m. class, at Little Yoga House’s Anderson Lane location, will be followed by a creative project and some delicious sips and bites. Kids must be six and over to participate. Dads, note that jewelry and watches should be left at home. Purchase your spot ($55 for you and your little one) at