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Michael Barnes

MEDIA 1: Let’s revive an old Out & About custom. As the social season tentatively begins, we’ll look at my social calendar for the coming week. Today: Meet Travis Heights resident James Bilodeau at Boticelli’s (partly research on SoCo at night). Tuesday: Set up second full interview with Richard Moya, the first Hispanic Travis County Commissioner. Tuesday night: Media night at Vince Young Steakhouse. Wednesday: Meet Austin longtimer Joe Lung at the State Capitol (interview for a historical profile). Wednesday night: Wedding of Richard Williams and Patrice Carrara at the Clay Pit. Thursday: Meet Jane Carrion about Revielle Call (a military support benefit). Thursday night: See bluesman Paul Oscher at C Boys Heart & Soul. Friday: Interview Skillpoint director Margo Dover for profile. Friday night: Drinks with Tiffany and Joel Martin. Later: Faster Pussycat Dance! Dance! for AGLIFF. Saturday night: Growing Roots Celebration at the Thinkery. Questions?

MEDIA 2: Reviving another Out & About custom. Here are some stories that you’ll find I’m working on this week: Full profile of music insider and airport consultant Nancy Coplin; first in a series of stories about the impact of Hispanic culture on Austin; an entertainment cover story on SoCo as a night destination, not just a daytripper’s delight; September in Austin is so gay: Pride, Splash, AGLIFF and Stargayzer; a full profile of Shawn Cirkiel, whose collection of eateries include Chavez, Parkside, Backspace and Olive and June. Now, not all these stories will be finished this week, but it gives you an idea what’s coming down the pike. Answers?