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Tanya Streeter to appear in ESPN documentary

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 18, 2013

***UPdates to correct name of director.***

In 2002, Audrey Mestre died in the Canary Islands while trying to beat a free diving record set by Tanya Streeter.

A documentary about the tragedy will air at 7 p.m. next Tuesday on ESPN.

Streeter, who lives in Austin, appears in the film and served as technical adviser for the project, which was directed by Alison Elwood.

Streeter’s charming and sweet, and humble about her athletic accomplishments. (We competed together at Austin Fit Magazine’s FITtest last year, where the two of us whimpered about the lack of water-based events.) She’s not a risk-taker, she says, and competed in free diving not to set records, but because she loves the ocean and found power and peace she finds there.

It’s taken years, she says, to get over what happened to Mestre, who was involved with a controversial free diver named Pipin Ferreras.

Streeter says she got involved in the documentary because she wanted to clear up the misunderstandings surrounding the sport of free diving. She wanted the story told correctly.

Look for my story about Streeter inside the Life section on Sunday’s paper.

And tune in to watch the show, which is part of ESPN’s Nine For IX series, on Tuesday. It should be fascinating.