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Keep Austin Weird 5K wrapup

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published June 24, 2013

Midway through the Keep Austin Weird 5K on Saturday, I sprinted toward a suds-slickened sheet of plastic, launched myself into the air and skidded on my belly, getting sprayed with a water hose as I swept down the runway.

A home-made version of a Slip ‘n Slide was just one of the stops in the Saturday evening run, which dubs itself the slowest 5K in Austin. (To see a gallery of photos from the event, go to the Fit City page on Facebook at

It lived up to its reputation. The run, which celebrates the city’s eclectic character, includes stops for a tequila tasting, ice cream, bundt cake, vodka shots and more along the way. A ukulele band provided on-course entertainment, and I walked away with an assortment of goodies including a bandana from a sperm bank and a tube of grapefruit-flavored lip balm. At a stop set up by Tiny Pies, some folks won T-shirts. Others got whipped cream pies in the face.

I still haven’t figured out if I went trick or treating or ran a footrace.

The best part (besides the fun pit stops)? The costumes.

Nearly everyone who ran donned some kind of wacky garb. I spotted a peacock, an array of super heroes, several unicorns, a bottle of ketchup, a kitchen table, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam and more. My friend and I sported red headbands and long yarn braids, a la Willie Nelson.

As for the race, I think the real winners were those who spent the most time on the course. And I definitely did that.