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I survived AFM FITtest

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published June 17, 2013

Whew. I survived another Austin Fit Magazine FITTest.

I spent Saturday jumping, throwing, running, burpee-ing and staggering across a balance beam with a water-filled length of PVC pipe during the annual event, designed to measure overall fitness.

(Want to see who else was there? Check the gallery of photos I posted on the Fit City page on Facebook at

Best part? Hanging out with my pals in the invitational group. Besides former University of Texas football player and Austin Blacks rugby player Sam Arieas, who pretty much blew us all away, I got to compete with a pair of Rollergirls, super trainer David Garza of Ride and Lindsay Ginko of Lifetime Fitness, Mario Mendias of My Fit Foods, Jeremy Thiel of CrossFit Central and others.

Garza took one look at me heaving a medicine ball and told me “We need to work on that, LeBlanc.”

Actually, we need to work on a lot of things.

And that’s what I love about this annual event. I swim, I bike, I run, I water ski, I backpack. But I kind of suck at lots of the tests that make up this contest. But it’s supportive crowd out there at Camp Mabry, and if you look at the competition as a way to measure your relative fitness from year to year, it’s awesome.

I did better than I expected in the grip test and precision throw (last year I got a big fat zero in that one; this year I got three!), and need to work on my pull-up form for sure. But I made a respectable showing in burpees (perhaps the longest minute of the day) and that balance beam thing. And the 1-mile run.

The event is growing, says Austin Fit Magazine publisher Lou Earle. This year’s competition drew more than 400 athletes.

Austin Fit Magazine created the event as a more objective way to pick the folks featured in their annual “fittest in Austin” edition. Winners in each age category win the honor of appearing in the magazine as one of Austin’s 10 fittest athletes.

I know I said this after last year’s event, but this time I’m serious.

I’m training for the 2014 contest.