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Wahaka Mezcal gets USDA Organic certification

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Wahaka Mezcal announced some news today — they can now officially label their products as 100% USDA Organic.

The company says it’s always met the basic requirements to be called simply Organic for both the products and their agave fields. Now, they’ve now completed the next (and highest) level of certification (100%). Bottles released in the next batch will bear the official seal of approval.

In the press release, CEO and co-founder Alejandro Santa Cruz (who recently relocated from Austin down to Mexico), explained, “Organic for Wahaka means sustainability as we use no fertilizer sludge in our fields and also purity as we use no chemicals or accelerants in our distillation.”

The company also announced that the Joven Tobalá and Joven Madre Cuishe are now being bottled at 42% alcohol by volume instead of 40%. This is great news for people who want more of a concentrated flavor from their mezcal. Upping the proof just a few notches will make the spirits more poignant.

Partner Raza Zaidi explained, “The Madre Cuishe and Tobala agaves are “gentle” agaves and even at 42% are very accessible to the broad audience but give that fuller taste of the agave for those looking to really figure out the differences between agave varieties.”

Finally, Wahaka will also start to sell 5-packs of their line in 200mL sample size bottles, so people can taste through their entire portfolio without having to buy full sized bottles of each. This is great news, because each different mezcal the company produces tastes wildly different (depending on what variety of agave is used for the base). So while it’s taken me quite a long time to taste through each different kind and determine which is my favorite (the Madre Cuishe, for what it’s worth), now you can purchase them all at once and easily knock out that otherwise arduous (and previously expensive) task.