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VIDEO: Lucinda Hutson on tequila

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Few people in Austin know as much about tequila as Lucinda Hutson does.

She’s spent the last 30 years learning about Mexico’s agave-based spirit, and now has two books on the subject under her belt.

The latest book “Viva Tequila!” hits shelves this month, so Addie Broyles and I decided to visit the enigmatic author in her backyard cantina to hear more about how the encyclopedia-like guide came about.

Watch the video above to get the scoop on how Huston drinks her tequila, her thoughts on tequila’s versatility in the modern cocktail movement, and step-by-step instructions on how to make her favorite brunch cocktail.

Read Addie Broyles’ story to hear more about the journey that brought Hutson to the publishing of her second tequila book.