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Saint Arnold Icon Green out Wednesday

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Some of the best beers are the ones that are brewed for love.

Saint Arnold Brewing’s new release — an Amarillo Hefeweizen called Icon Green — was crafted by brewer Sam Wright as a wedding gift for his sister. In the press release, Wright is quoted as saying “My sister asked for a special beer so I worked on bringing together the esters and phenolics of the hefeweizen yeast with the unique piney and citrus notes of the Amarillo hops.”

Founder and Brewer Brock Wanger described the new brew as “a refreshing summer beer for Texas and Louisiana that has the base of a hefeweizen with the surprise of the Amarillo hops. The spice of the yeast combines with the orange and spruce flavors of the hops to create a beer that you would swear actually had spice and fruit added to it, but it is just an artful combination of malt, hops, yeast and water.”

The Icon Green will be released in 4-packs and on draft this Wednesday. It is the latest addition to the brewery’s Icon series, a small-batch rotation of experimental brews. The next one on the books is Icon Red, a bière de saison, which will replace 2012’s Belgian Pale Ale.