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Mean Eyed Cat to reopen with liquor, barbecue

Staff Writer
Austin 360

When local bar owner Matt Luckie bought the Mean Eyed Cat on West 5th street in December 2012, they closed quickly for renovations.

Now, Luckie and operating partners Max Moreland, Jed Thompson and Ryan Garrett have announced that the bar will reopen this fall with the addition of Stubbs Bar-B-Q and a liquor program.

In the press release, Moreland says “The iconic jukebox, beer and décor will remain the same but we expect guests to enjoy the new bar location, which utilizes the space in a much more effective way.”

Renovations included removing the inside bar to create a larger interior space, and expanding the patio and outdoor seating. The wood from the indoor bar has been repurposed to create an indoor-outdoor bar to make ordering easier.

When it reopens, the bar will be open seven days a week starting at 11 a.m.22