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Kicking off 2014 with the Blackeyed Pea Run

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published January 2, 2014

I kicked off the new year in spectacular fashion - by loping just shy of 13.1 miles across Austin with about 300 other folks at the Blackeyed Pea Run.

The free Jan. 1 run marks the latest incarnation of the old RunTex to RunTex dash, started 19 years ago by Paul and Sheila Carrozza and others in the Austin running community.

RunTex is gone, of course, but Rogue kept the event on the calendar. They gave it a new name and opened it up to anyone who wanted to join the fun. They even printed up kitschy, pea-themed T-shirts and hauled out vats of black-eyed peas, beer and mimosas for the finishers.

The run started at the Gateway Shopping Center, with clear skies and crisp temperatures - the kind of weather just made for running. We streamed over to Mesa Drive, down Balcones Drive and on toward Mount Bonnell, where folks with more leg power than me trotted up the steps to take in the view. My quads are still thanking me for all the hills we covered on Scenic Drive before we landed at Lady Bird Lake and wove our way up to the not-quite-open 410 Speedshop, Rogue’s newest space on Pressler Road.

I’m a little stiff today, but the run left me feeling good as we roll int0 2014.

It’s not always easy to get up and hit the road, the gym, the pool or the bike. It’s group activities like these that keep us motivated.

Got off to a slow start? Check with your local running store - and Austin’s got plenty of good ones - for information about running groups in your neighborhood.

And see you at the next run!