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Jester King raspberry sour announced

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Jester King has announced their first barrel-aged sour beer incorporating fruit.

The brewers began making Atrial Rubicite last February, when they put several hundred pounds of raspberries into oak barrels that contained mature sour beer. In order for the final beer to achieve a satisfying balance between sweet and dry, the batch was then put through a second fermentation. During that time, the excess sugars from the added fruit were consumed from the yeast and bacteria in the beer, so the overall product doesn’t taste too sweet. The resulting brew is unfiltered, unpasteurized, 100% bottle-conditioned and comes in at 5.8% ABV.

In the press release, they say this won’t be the last fruit-based sour. “We love taking fruit that is highly aromatic and flavorful and fermenting it to dryness, so that the beer is imbued with the rich character of the fruit but is devoid of sweetness. With time we plan on developing a robust program of barrel aged sour beer with fruit. Eventually, we also hope to re-ferment our 100% spontaneous coolship beer with fruit.”

I tried Atrial Rubicite at a recent event out at Argus Cidery (Jester King is right down the road from the Cidery, so several of the gentlemen came over to Argus for the evening). To my recollection, the brilliantly deep red-hued liquid is softly carbonated with a bold fruit character and a light tart quality. I really enjoyed it, and think it’s going to be an excellent summer sipper.

The beer will be sold in 500 mL bottles. Right now, there is no firm date for the release, because the brewery is waiting on certain Texas laws to be signed so they can have a release party out at the brewery itself. As soon as the bills are signed by Governor Perry we’ll know more about plans for the release.