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Is 3M the fastest half marathon on the planet?

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published January 23, 2014

If you ran the 3M Half Marathon last weekend, you might have felt a little Usain Bolt-like twitch of speed as you zipped along the mostly downhill course.

The race is known as a blazingly fast one, and results prove it.

The youngest and oldest participants in this year’s race ran what appear to be “World’s Best” times, says race director John Conley.

“Because the 3M Half Marathon uses a point-to-point course with a 450-foot net drop, it isn’t eligible for record status or championship qualifying, but might be eligible for consideration as a ‘World’s Best,’ in much the same way that Geoffrey Mutai’s 2:03:02 at Boston in 2011 is considered a ‘world’s best’ and not a World Record,” Conley says.

Gabby Osness, 7, ran the 3M Half Marathon in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 56 seconds. Joe Barger, 88, ran it in 2 hours 59 minutes and 15 seconds.

Both times are faster than the existing age world records as listed by the Association of Road Race Statisticians. Conley says he is submitting their times to the organization for consideration.

Median times at the 3M Half Marathon were in general much faster than the national median times for the half marathon distance, as reported by Running USA.

Here are the median times at the 3M Half Marathon:

  • Men - 1:55:16
  • Women - 2:10:56

And here are the U.S. National Median Times as reported by Running USA:

  • Men - 2:01:28
  • Women - 2:19:47