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I’m in love with my Oofos recovery sandals

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published December 12, 2013

Is it wrong to love my pool sandals?

If it is, I’m in trouble. I’ve been testing out a new pair of slides from Oofos, and, well, it’s heartbreak every time I have to take them off.

I’m particular about the shoes I wear on deck before and after swim practice.

I’ve got requirements: They have to be one molded piece, without anything to break off. They have to be made of rubber or plastic, without any fabric to soak up water and get moldy. They have to be slides, not flipflops. (I hate the way those thong straps feel between my toes.) And they have to be light, because besides wearing them to and from swim practice, I take them backpacking, where every ounce counts.

Nike used to make a pair of slides I liked, but then I couldn’t find them any more. I switched to some made by UnderArmour, and they’ve worked out fine for the last few years.

But at The Running Event last week, I discovered a far superior pair. Oofos markets their footwear as recovery sandals. They’re cushy and supportive, and something about the way they feel on my feet won me over in about 3 seconds.

It’s like standing on a Tempur-Pedic pillow. They sort of hug your feet. It’s heaven.

According to product information, they “provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery.”

I don’t know about that, but dang they feel good.

They cost $39 - not cheap. But my feet (and the rest of me) are in love.