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Hops & Grain throw silent disco to release new beer

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Most beer release parties are pretty lackluster. You show up, drink the new beer, chat with friends, and then go home. Maybe you get a free pint glass.

For their latest Greenhouse series release, Hops & Grain decided to mix things up by throwing a silent disco instead.

If you haven’t been to a silent disco, they are quite the spectacle. It’s basically a dance party where music is played through headphones, instead of traditional speaker system. If you walked into one without a headset on, you’d see people dancing in a quiet room. Put on the headphones, and you’re part of the party.

The new Greenhouse beer du jour is a lager brewed with Round Rock Honey called Honey Brew-Brew, which will be available for sale during the event for $4. In the press release, Hops & Grain said they opted for a silent disco because “Because Honey Brew-Brew deserves a wild and crazy welcome, without the nuisance of ambient noise—that’s what headphones are for.”

The party will take place Friday, August 16th from 8 to 11 p.m. Since the brewery isn’t very big, attendance will be capped at 100, so get your tickets while they last. $10 tickets include the headset and souvenier pint glass.