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Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company opens doors this week

Staff Writer
Austin 360

When Brian Peters, Amos Lowe and crew left Uncle Billy’s in mid-2012, the craft beer scene was all in a tizzy about their future plans to open their own place.

Peters and Lowe’s new venture will be fully realized when the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company opens for regular business this Friday at 3 p.m.

Lowe said that people can expect to see the same philosophy the duo practiced at Uncle Billy’s, but with a slight edge. “We’ve added some things, like the ability to use whole hop flowers in the brewhouse, so that’s very exciting,” Lowe said. “The IPA’s and the lagers, if people loved them at Uncle Billy’s, they will love them here. Maybe a little more,” he teased.

The brewpub will serve 5 “always” beers, including the “Hell Yes,” a Bavarian-style lager, “Industry,” an assertive Pilsner, “Day Trip,” a Pale Ale, “Superliner,” a “sleek and powerful” IPA, and “Big Mama Red,” a hoppy red. They’ll also have up to 5 rotating experimental brews on tap. An Oktoberfest and Pale Ale with Belgian yeast will be put on tap today for this week’s opening.

Food-wise, the menu will focus primarily on pizza, but they will also serve sandwiches, and plan on teaming up with some local vendors to supply charcuterie and cheese plates as well. “We’ll be getting fresh produce every day, so whatever is growing, we will incorporate that into the menu,” Lowe said. “Everything will be very fresh and very good.”

Between the large beer garden style tables and bar stools, approximately 200 people will be able to fill the space, with room for about another 99 between an intended lounge space and outdoor beer garden area. Personally, I really dug the fun, open vibe of the indoor space, which is complete with an area for foozeball tables and small stage for bands to play. Lowe says live music won’t be an everyday occurrence but they do want to highlight quality acts when the opportunity presents itself.

Their normal operating hours will be Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to midnight, but they will make a special exception and open on Labor Day for thirsty patrons. The building is located at 1305 West Oltorf, Austin, Texas 78704.