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Real: Tequila Manhattan for fall

Staff Writer
Austin 360

For the October issue of Real Magazine, I knew I wanted to feature a tequila Manhattan riff. There’s something about the way the agave spirit mingles with vermouth that makes it an earthy, warm drink that’s perfect for fall sipping.

There are a few variations of the drink around town. The Anejo Manhattan at Weather Up is a well-balanced take on the cocktail, and the East Side Showroom has a few outstanding tequila-based drinks that resemble the traditional Manhattan, but when I discovered the Commodities Market at Fino, I knew that would make for a great story.

Read about the delightful drink, which features tequila, sweet vermouth, walnut liqueur and coffee bitters, and note the attention to detail and history Bar Manager Francisco Terrazas puts into the recipe formulation. Knowing the reasons why each ingredient was singled out and incorporated make the drinking experience that much more rewarding.