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Jester King announces second fruit beer

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Jester King Craft Brewing has announced the release of their second fruit-based beer.

The first in their experimental series, Atrial Rubicite, came out earlier this summer. The new beer, Omniscience & Proselytism, features strawberries from Fredericksburg.

Instead of using fruit juice, concentrate or artificial flavors to incorporate the fruit flavor into the beer (as many other brewers do, the press release explains), Jester King adds the whole strawberries during a second fermentation. So the base beer is created and matured in oak barrels, then the strawberries are added for a second fermentation in the barrel. This process transforms the fruit flavors into something “unique, complex and quite delicious,” the press release states.

“The beer captures the flavor and aroma of fresh strawberries but presents them in an altered way through refermentation,” Owner Jeffrey Stuffings explained via email. “Wild yeasts and bacteria ferment the fruit to create fruity, funky and tart flavors and aromas. The finish is very dry because we allow all of the sugars from the fruit to fully ferment out.”

“This beer is the artistic counterpart to Atrial Rubicite,” label artist Josh Cockrell explained via email. “The idea was to parallel the physical transformation depicted in Atrial Rubicite’s artwork with a spiritual transformation depicted in Omniscience & Proselytism. The connection to spirituality begins with Omniscience through the appearance of the strawberry and its many eyes. Proselytism comes from both the concepts of Expansion (which the strawberry plant is keen to do) and to Conversion, both in terms of fermentation and the theme of the fruit altering or transforming the core of the beer.”

The new beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and 100% bottle conditioned, bottled at 5.0% ABV. Less than 500 bottles were produced, which will be released at the brewery’s third annual Funk & Sour Fest on October 27th (during Austin Beer Week).