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Craft Pride dedicates taps to Nitro beers

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Guinness may have brought worldwide attention to the benefits of serving beer on Nitro, but local beer folk are applying the technology to beers outside your traditional creamy stouts.

When I wrote about Circle Brewing taking over several of Craft Pride’s taps with three variations on the Envy Amber earlier this summer, I explained that serving a beer “on nitro” means the beer was carbonated using a mixture of both Nitrogen and C02, whereas most beers are typically just carbonated using C02. This addition of nitrogen gas makes the beer taste heavier and creamier (like Guinness, if you will).

Craft Pride is embracing the method of serving beer on Nitro to the tune of 4 dedicated taps. Owner JT Egli likes beers the method because he feels like it emulates the mouthfeel of a beer served on cask. The bar started with two taps dedicated to Nitro beers, and expanded to four when they received positive feedback.

Porters, Stouts and darker beers are typically served on Nitro because the gas enhances the rich, creamy texture of the beers, but Engli believes that Nitro taps shouldn’t be restricted to those styles. They have tapped beers like (512) IPA, Infamous Hijack Cream Ale, and will tap Thirsty Planet’s Buckethead IPA in the near future as well. He likes exploring the ways Nitro subtlety changes the mouthfeel and taste of beer of all kinds.

They will have some special Nitro tappings during the upcoming Austin Beer Week. Keep your eyes out that week for Infamous Brewing’s Pumpkin Porter Massacre, Independence Convict Hill and more at the bar.