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Central Texas brewpub and brewery guide launches

Staff Writer
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Earlier this summer, Texas laws passed that changed the way breweries and brewpubs could sell and distribute their beer. At the time, I reached out to brewers across the Central Texas area to find out how these laws would change their tap room hours, licenses and distribution plans.

There were so many moving parts going forward, it seemed like Austin needed more than just a list of intended plans, but a more comprehensive way to learn about each brewery and find out when visiting hours took place. Personally, when I want to head out to a brewery on a Saturday, the last thing I want to do is dig through 30 individual websites looking for hours of operation.

So to solve this issue, my colleague Rob Villalpando and I put together a full one-stop resource for everything you need to know about visiting the area brewpubs and breweries. Inside, you will find short histories of each brewery, their future plans, tap room hours and pricing structure for their beers.

Check it out: