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What happens when a food writer and fitness writer swap worlds?

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 28, 2014

Food writer Addie Broyles and I have been delving into each other’s worlds lately.

Last Thursday night, Addie and I sliced and diced together, whipping up a batch of bison/beef burgers and a slew of sauteed vegetables for dinner in my kitchen. We had a blast, and realized that our eating philosophies are pretty similar.

But cooking’s not my strong suit, so I felt a lot more at home this morning, when Addie joined my husband and me for our regular Monday morning water skiing session on Lake Austin.

We met at the lake just as the sun was coming up, and when it was Addie’s turn, we tossed her two skis and let her get her water legs back. She tackled that no problem at all, so when her turn came around again, we decided to see how she’d do on a single ski.

I’m pretty sure Addie was a slalom skier in a previous life. After a few tries, she was up and zipping outside the wake.

It plays to another philosophy of mine - if you want to broaden your world, find someone who does something you’d like to do, tag along while they do it, and soak up as much as their enthusiasm as possible. It’s bound to rub off, right?

Now, if Addie can just help me become a more confident cook, with a few more sharp knives in my repertoire …