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It pays - in peaches - to ride a bike

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published June 16, 2014

Add this one to the “things you’d never notice from your car” file.

The other day, while pedaling west from the Austin American-Statesman along the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, I rode past a row of peach trees laden with fruit. Unlike the peach tree in my backyard, which is covered with flowers early in the spring but turns into a buffet for the neighborhood squirrels in the ensuing weeks (literally, out of 200 or so baby peaches, I ate exactly zero, and yes I have a few choice words for the dastardly rodents), these trees are covered in peaches. They are firm and beautiful and perfect, with nary a tooth mark on them.

I grabbed four and shoved them in my bike bag. When I got home, I arranged them on the windowsill for final ripening. They were delicious.

I snuck back down there over the weekend with a grocery bag, which my husband and I promptly stuffed with peaches. I see peach pie in my future. The trees are located just west of the Austin Pets Alive! shelter, just east of turnaround by Austin High School.

So many peaches going to waste! Mounds of them lay in the dirt, rotting!

See? It pays to ride a bike.