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Highlights from CASA Superhero Run and car2go Marathon Relay

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published September 22, 2014

Whew! Two races, one weekend…

Highlights of the CASA Superhero Run on Sunday:

1. Running in a Wonder Woman costume!

2. Hearing a screeching noise behind me as I crossed the finish line, then seeing a wheel come rolling past lickety split. I turned back, saw that the front wheel had come off a baby stroller being pushed by a runner behind me. I dashed after the run-away wheel, and using my Wonder Woman super powers, grabbed it and hoisted it in the air to the cheers of the crowd. (Babies unharmed, thank goodness!)

3. Meeting Batman, who, it turns out, sometimes swims on my swim team. Who knew?

4. Spending the morning with one of my favorite co-workers, investigative reporter Tony Plohetski. (That’s a kind of super hero, isn’t it?)

5. Meeting race winners Philani Buthelezi and Sipho Ngxongo, who blew past me so fast I thought they were speeding trains.

Highlights of the car2go Marathon Relay on Saturday:

1. Winning the media team division with five of my favorite running Austin American-Statesman buddies - Mercedes Orton, Jody Seaborn, Phillip Thompson, Rudy Estrada and Chris Thibert.

2. Meeting two adorable puppies - Rudy and Oscar.

3. Post-race breakfast tacos!

4. Sweating enough to fill a small swimming pool.

5. Seeing so many people out supporting a great cause - Livestrong.