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Growler Room opens new location on East Oltorf

Arianna Auber

A year after the Growler Room opened as a beer-to-go shop on Burnet Road, owner Dean Schlett added another location on East Oltorf, testament to the store’s quick success at offering something no other place in town truly does.

Since last March, you could find beers at the Burnet Growler Room to take home that are available on draft only in bars and restaurants, such as as Live Oak and (512) Brewing – affording you an extra way to try these beers – as well as a handful of beers that come in cans and bottles, too.

The Oltorf Growler Room offers even more options for craft beer lovers. The new, slightly larger beer pickup station has 40 beer taps, in contrast to the original’s 24.

Many of the local brews will be the same at the two stores, but the beers from out of state might not be, said Brian Wessels, manager of the new location.

There are also growlers – in 64 and 32 oz. sizes, the equivalent of either 4 pints or 2 pints of beer – and pint glasses you can purchase, although only the Burnet store sells steins and does personalized engravings on growlers and glasses.

As Wessels noted, it’s still important that the Growler Room remains only a “growler filling station,” and not a beer bar. Although the Oltorf location – “Growltorf,” as the Facebook page is calling it – certainly has the space for people to sit down with a pint of beer, that’s not the purpose of the Growler Room, the first growlers-only program in Austin.

But don’t think that means you have to hurry home with the first beer you spot on the tap wall. Instead, Wessels is happy to suggest beers you might like to try before he fills up the growler.

Like the original location – which celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and its one-year anniversary on Sunday – the Oltorf Growler Room pulls in Austinites from many parts of the city.

“We’re between two popular restaurants down here, so people come in all the time asking what growlers are,” Wessels said.

Keep an eye out for details on the Growler Room’s grand opening celebration in April.

Growler Room, 2400 E. Oltorf St. #61. 512-394-7894,