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Gilbert’s Gazelles moving in with Jack & Adam’s

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published April 23, 2014

A fast-moving herd of gazelles is moving into the new Jack & Adam’s shop.

Gilbert’s Gazelles running group, led by coach Gilbert Tuhabonye, is moving from its current digs at Texas Running Company to the new Jack & Adam’s store opening in May on South Lamar Boulevard.

Tuhabonye and Jack Murray, owner of Jack & Adam’s, made the announcement via video today. The move is effective May 15.

“I’ve known Jack for many years - we even ran against each other in college,” Tuhabonye says in the video. “I’m so excited we’ve found a new home for the Gazelles.”

The Gazelles will have their own locker rooms and showers, plus access to a juice bar operated by the Daily Juice, in the new 5,500-square foot shop at 300 S. Lamar Boulevard.

Until now, Jack & Adam’s has occupied a former Kentucky Fried Chicken space on Riverside Drive, just east of Lamar Boulevard. In the new space, the shop will expand its inventory of bicycles and triathlon gear to include running shoes, Murray says.

The Gazelles lost their original home at the RunTex store on Riverside Drive about a year ago, when that shop closed. They then spent 10 months operating out of Texas Running Company.

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And watch the video - it’s worth it to see Murray join Tuhabonye for a dance at the end.