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Daily Greens: Can Fit City drink her veggies?

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published August 21, 2014

Those bottles of Daily Greens cold-pressed juice in my fridge certainly look like water samples from Barton Springs Pool, where I swam this week as the sun rose.

Trust me, though. They taste much better - at least some of them.

Daily Greens, an Austin-based company founded in 2012 by Shauna Martin, sent me an assortment of samples, and I finally worked up the nerve to taste a few. I love my veggies, but the thought of drinking them makes me cringe a little.

The company is pitching two of its organic juices as an alternative to chocolate milk as a recovery drink. “Enlighten” is made with hemp milk, blue-green algae, coconut nectar, Madagascar vanilla, camu camu (a berry from the Amazon that’s high in vitamin C) and Himalayan pink salt; “Replenish” swirls together hemp seeds, Madagascar vanilla, coconut nectar, camu camu and raw cocoa.

Those two get the thumbs up. They tasted more like soy milk, with a yummy hint of coconut and vanilla (or chocolate) than 6 pounds of liquefied produce, which is what goes into each 16 ounce bottle.

The other flavors? Meh. (And what’s up with those names?) Some things are just made to be chewed, not slurped.

“Vitality,” a blend of cucumber, pineapple, celery, kale, cilantro, lime and jalapeno, tasted grassy, like I was a cow chewing my cud. Fresh, yes - but, um, no, definitely not for me. Same with “Harmony,” which contains celery, pear, apple, kale, fennel, ginger and lemon. (My husband liked that one, but he’s from Louisiana.)

The juices contain no added sugar or preservatives. Except for the two hemp milk ones, they’re low in fat and calories. (Damn you, coconut nectar!) The hemp ones, though, have 8 grams of protein, which is pretty good.

They’re expensive, too - $7.99 a bottle, and available at Whole Foods Market, Central Market, Royal Blue, Natural Grocers and other locations. It’s also sold at the company’s juice bar, 979 Springdale Road.

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