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Clayton Aynesworth buys Castle Hill Fitness

Pam LeBlanc

Editor’s note: This article was originally published August 30, 2014

Castle Hill Fitness has a new owner, but don’t worry - the club on Lamar Boulevard is keeping the same employees.

“When someone comes in to Castle Hill they are transported to a little slice of that Austin flavor that we all love. They step into a community, a family, a welcoming environment of smiling faces. As I join this team, I am excited to get to work in my particular role to expand this experience. I look forward to continuing the organic promotion of health and community

that founder Paolo Minissi started so many years ago,” said Clayton Aynesworth, the new owner.

Minissi opened the club in 2002. He died in November 2011. Today the club includes an onsite wellness spa, Pinarello brand boutique bike shop and healthy café, Food for Fitness Café.

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