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Austin bars new to SXSW

Arianna Auber

In today’s Food & Life section, I put together a round-up of local bars that opened after South by Southwest last year, including the ABGB, Whisler’s and Wright Bros. Brew & Brew. It’s behind the paywall, but I’ll give a little summary of it here. (Don’t forget, though, that you can read a Statesman article online with a day pass of 99 cents.)

Many of the bar managers and owners I spoke to noted they didn’t know what to expect, but were certainly gearing up for the expected pandemonium. Some, like Half Step and the Gatsby, are participating directly in the festival as official SXSW venues; others, like School House Pub and Winebelly, are offering Austinites and out-of-towners alike “havens” where they can escape with a cocktail or a glass of wine. All will be fun to check out during the week of interactive, film and music events, if only to see how the SXSW crowds shake up their business.

What Austin bar are you excited to check out this year during SXSW?

Also in today’s Food & Life section, I wrote up a small feature on an Austin company that’s spicing up Bloody Marys with a line of five diverse mixes. That’s actually available to read in its entirety on the Liquid blog here.