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Drink of the Week: Beach Party Punch

Arianna Auber

Beer has always been mixed with liquor or other beverages — the michelada and the shandy being two common combinations — but it’s increasingly being added in more creative ways.

One of the people coming up with some of those inventive cocktail recipes is John Schlimm, the author of several food and drinks-related books and a member of one of the oldest brewing families in the U.S., whose Straub Brewery, still producing beer in Pennsylvania, is the smallest pre-Prohibition brewery still in business. The great-great-grandson of Straub’s founder, Schlimm has recently published a new cookbook, “The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy Hour,” which features more than 325 recipes for bar snacks and beer cocktails.

Here’s his Beach Party Punch, which might be the missing ingredient you’ve been desiring for one last end-of-summer bash.

Beach Party Punch

4 oz. rum

4 oz. vodka

4 oz. amaretto

4 oz. gin

24 oz. of a pale lager, fruit beer or kölsch

1 (12-oz.) can Sprite or ginger ale

8 oz. orange juice

8 oz. pineapple juice


Orange slices, pineapple chunks and cherries for garnish

Combine all the ingredients, except the optional garnishes, in a medium to large-sized punch bowl, stirring well. Garnish as desired, including freezing some orange slices, pineapple chunks and cherries inside an ice mold.

Yields 10 to 12 servings

— John Schlimm’s “The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy Hour