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Top-notch barbecue, craft beer on tap at new H-E-B at Mueller

Addie Broyles

Fatty slices of moist brisket were the last thing I expected to find at the soon-to-open H-E-B at Mueller.

I knew the store was going to be environmentally “green,” and I knew that there was going to be a cafe, where customers could sit down and eat after shopping for their groceries, but smoked brisket that almost rivaled that of what you’d get from pitmasters Aaron Franklin, John Mueller and John Lewis?

Now *that* was an unexpected find.

On today, we have an exclusive story about what’s inside one of the most anticipated grocery openings of the year, including all the details about what’s on the menu at Café Mueller (hint: It’s not just barbecue) and why the San Antonio-based chain’s director of engineering is so eagerly watching the electric and water meters now that the store is up and running.

The store opens at 6 a.m. on July 26, but about 800 Austinites will get a sneak peak at Cafe Mueller soft opening events tonight and tomorrow.

I’d love to hear feedback from some of the folks who get to try the restaurant early or from those who live in the area who have been anticipating the opening but shopping elsewhere in the meantime.