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Here we come a’waffling

Addie Broyles

Perhaps no one knows the possibilites and limitations of the modern waffle maker better than Dan Shumski.

Dan is the blogger behind Waffleizer, where for an eight-month stretch in 2010, he aimed to answer the question: “Will it waffle?” The surprisingly beautiful and inspiring blog has — not so surprisingly — spawned a book deal with Workman, and Shumski was kind enough to take a break from working on the manuscript, which is due this month, to talk to me for today’s food section story about all the non-waffle things you can make in a waffle maker.

Chocolate chip cookies? Check. French toast? Check. S’mores with homemade graham crackers? Double check.

My biggest success in working on this story was waffled hash browns and omelets (note to self: buy thicker bread for waffled sandwiches next time), but an impulse buy at the grocery store last week — those spongy dessert shells that they sell next to the strawberries — waffled so well that it became the lead photo for the package.