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Grain-free, sugar-free baked goods from Totally Nuts Bakery

Addie Broyles

Like most of us, Susan and Mark Welker had never heard of Specific Carbohydrate Diet until about two years ago, when Mark sought another treatment for ulcerative colitis, an intestinal disease similar to Crohn’s that he’d be dealing with for more than two decades. The medicine he was taking just wasn’t alleviating his symptoms, but then he came across SCD, which eliminated not just gluten and sugar, but all grains.

Susan Welker says that SCD is more similar to the Paleo diet than the traditional gluten-free diet, and within a month of the transition, Mark felt better than he did during any of the previous 20 years of treatment.

Two years later, Mark is almost completely off his medicine, and Susan says it has changed their lives. “Doctors don’t tell people with Celiac to go ahead and eat whatever they want and then give them medicine to deal with the results,” she says. “We had to give up so much, but it was worth it.”

They started a blog, Loving SCD (, in 2012 to connect and share recipes with others on the diet, and once Mark, a longtime baker, started to figure out how to replicate many of his favorite baked goods by using only nut-based flours, they decided to start the online-only Totally Nuts Bakery in May.

On the website,, you can find information about the diet and browse the products, which include brownies, coconut macaroons, lemon poppyseed cake, muffins, cookies and breads. You can either pick up the products or have them delivered.