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Central Market Westgate reveals $5 million upgrade

Addie Broyles

Noticed anything new at Central Market Westgate?

Rather than open a third Central Texas location, which is what I was thinking the San Antonio-based grocer might do in response to all the new Whole Foods Markets and soon-to-open Trader Joe’s in Austin, Central Market decided to invest in the Westgate location, which until recently looked a lot like it did when it opened in 1999.

By moving offices that were previously in the center of the store to the back, they added 6,000 square feet, bringing the total size of the store to 63,400 square feet, which is slightly larger than the original North Austin location. With the additional space, they have expanded the bulk foods department, including dozens of high-quality olive oils and vinegars and more than 220 dried teas, as well as the Healthy Living and traditional grocery sections.

In place of the wine bar, customers will now find a coffee bar and roaster, where newly trained staffers will be roasting some of the best coffee to be found in Austin. Shoppers will also notice a few upgrades in the prepared foods section and, after an unveiling ceremony on Thursday, June 6, a new mural from local artist Kerry Awn in produce. The celebrations will continue through that weekend with live music and barbecue cook-outs in the front of the store.