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Austin Food and Wine Festival: Grillin’ and chillin’ with Tim Love

Courtney Sebesta

Bloody Marys, tequila and cold wine. What more could you want from an 11 a.m. grilling session during Sunday brunch?

We were expecting a show (after waiting in line for an hour) from Fort Worth chef Tim Love, and boy, did we get one. This was Texas, after all, and once you stepped into the lines of Weber grills, the heat and the smell of a hot barbecue was intoxicating.

Love demonstrated his mastery of the grill with ease and, of course, alcohol. This chef wanted his attendees to have fun while grilling and he didn’t hold back. We were welcomed with Bloody Marys before the demonstration and two bottles of wine waiting at the cooking stations proved why he is the crowd favorite of the festival.

Prepping a perfect pork chop and beautiful new york strip steak was easy when following Love’s instructions. Basic pork chop seasonings (peanut oil and a cayenne, rosemary, sugar, salt mixture) and new york strip (a generous amount of salt, pepper and peanut oil) were easily manageable in between sips of white wine. The ease of placing the meat on the grill, flipping and prepping vegetables were evident in the final presentation of the meat. Depending on how hot your charcoal grill was, most attendees ended up with the perfect steak and slightly pink pork chop.

Vegetables are evidently not Love’s specialty, but the heavily seasoned cauliflower and asparagus were a hit among the crowd. He knew how to season veggies for the meat lover. The amount of food the attendees walked away with was well worth the wait in line. And learning how to cook the perfect steak was priceless.