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Lista helps cooks collect recipes, plan meals and shopping trips

Addie Broyles

Adriana De La Cuadra and Matt Cook started meal planning the old-fashioned way: tearing pages out of magazines and pasting them on a wall in their kitchen in the order they wanted to cook them.

Pretty soon, the wall overflowed into an increasingly packed binder, which became harder and harder to manager. As web developers, they figured there had to be a better way, but they weren’t totally satisfied with the tools available online to either collect recipes from a third party’s database or scan and manage their own.

So, they set out to develop their own tool that would allow them to collect recipes from a variety of sources, display them in a highly visual manner and build a dynamic shopping list.

The result is Lista (, a website that acts like an app but doesn’t require a download and can be accessed from any device with Internet connection. Basic access for collecting recipes, building unlimited shopping lists and calendar-based meal plans is free, but you can upgrade for $2 a month to access a cool cooking dashboard and a more sophisticated shopping list tool.

De La Cuadra and Cook, who write their own food blog at, have teamed up with more than a dozen fellow bloggers to feature their recipes on the site, and users easily can store URLs of recipes they want to cook in the future either by cutting and pasting the URL in the website or by installing a “one-click” button in your browser.