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In the news: 24-year-old breakfast club, $330,000 hamburger

Addie Broyles

Dale Roe, who usually writes about television and pop culture for the Statesman’s features pages, profiled a group of Austin creatives, including “Epic Mickey” designer Warren Spector, who have been meeting every week for breakfast since 1989.

Travel writer Helen Anders plays tourist in her own town by going on a number of local tours, including a food tour from Austin Eats, which took her to a handful of local trailers. In last weekend’s travel section, she also write about her quest to find the perfect oyster in Washington state.

Matthew Odam is unimpressed with the “gimmicky” umami concept at Umami Mia Pizzeria, but the food isn’t the worst to be found on Barton Springs Road. He also recently enjoyed a revisit to Fabi & Rosi and has the scoop on several openings, including two locations of Mighty Bird, a new rotisserie chicken store from several experienced Austin restaurateurs set to open this year.

The world’s first test tube hamburger has been born in a lab in Europe, and it has a much-publicized debut earlier this week. All told, the burger cost $330,000 and five years to produce, but it’s an interesting use of stem cell technology.

Emma Janzen rounds up all the drinking events taking place in August, plus she made this cool video about Firehouse Lounge, a hostel and cocktail bar in downtown Austin.