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SXSW Eats: Getting a taste of ‘Chef’ with Jon Favreau

Addie Broyles

Qui was a whirwind of activity Saturday, hosting major South by Southwest events back to back all through the rainy afternoon.

At 2 p.m., the folks behind “Chef,” a new movie from Jon Favreau, who also stars Carl Casper, a chef who loses his restaurant job and starts a food truck business, took over the restaurant for a cooking demonstration/press conference that featured not only Favreau, but also John Leguizamo, who also appears in the film, and Los Angeles chef Roy Choi, who runs the famed Kogi BBQ taco truck and was the chief food consultant on the film.

After Leguizamo introduced them, Favreau and Choi bantered and cooked for an hour, preparing two dishes, the Cubano sandwich that is featured heavily in the film, and Choi’s Kogi taco. That taco, which launched an entirely new career for Choi, who recently published his first cookbook, had never been prepared and served outside LA, he said.

The food was well received by the enthusiastic crowd, some of whom had seen the film at its premiere the night before.

If you don’t get to see “Chef” while it’s showing in Austin for SXSW, mark your calendar for May 9, the national release date.