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New year, new Girl Scout cookies; sales start this week

Addie Broyles

The last of the Christmas cookies are gone, which means it’s time for Girl Scouts to pick up where Santa’s bakers left off.

Starting Wednesday through Little Brownie Bakers, the Louisville, Ky.-based subsidiary of Kellogg that has been baking Girl Scout cookies since the 1970s.

In recent years, the Girl Scouts of Central Texas ordered cookies from ABC Bakers, the only other company licensed to bake the beloved cookies. (ABC Bakers have been baking official Girl Scout cookies since 1936.)

Why the change? A representative with the Central Texas council said this: “The council’s contract with ABC came to an end and the decision to renew was up in the air. A committee at council attended a presentation that each baker offered and decided they liked Little Brownie Bakers offerings better and decided to go with them next.”

Savannah Smiles is the only truly new cookie in this year’s lineup, which brings the total to six. That’s down from eight varieties of cookies in previous years, and though some organizations around the state have added a gluten-free cookie, Austin’s has not. The new cookies also mean that there are no vegan options available. (ABC has a number of vegan options, but Little Brownie does not.)

Explaining all this to customers is part of the entrepreneurial learning curve, says Girl Scouts of Central Texas CEO Lynelle McKay. Other key lessons McKay points out that the Girl Scouts will be learning as they market and sell their cookies over the next few weeks: setting goals and making decisions about what to do with the proceeds, handling money and operating their mini-businesses in an ethical way.

You can find out more about the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, including where you can buy cookies in your area, at They also have a Cookie Finder app for the iPhone and Android if you need to find a sales location on the go.