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In anti-GMO effort, Whole Foods to stop selling Chobani yogurt

Addie Broyles

I was skeptical when, earlier this year, the Austin-based Whole Foods Market announced plans to remove all products that contain genetically modified ingredients that aren’t labeled as such by 2018.

That’s a far cry from removing all products that contain GMOs, which is what many advocates have been asking for, but also a huge undertaking, considering that the state of California’s effort to get companies to label GMO products failed a year ago.

But today, the company confirmed that early next year, it will stop selling Chobani, a popular brand of Greek yogurt that is made with milk from cows that can be given GMO feed.

This is one of the biggest moves yet to indicate that Whole Foods is serious about its mission to help consumers who want to avoid GMOs, but there are still plenty of unlabeled GMO products on Whole Foods’ shelves, including Fage, which according to the Wall Street Journal, isn’t GMO free either.

But it’s also a big step in a direction that most Westernized countries outside the U.S. have already taken.

Do you think Whole Foods is doing enough to fight GMOs? Do you think they should? What about the 2018 timeline — is that reasonable?