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Icepocalypse can’t stop Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable Austin fun

Addie Broyles

Austin’s second Icepocalypse in a week isn’t stopping Alton Brown from having a little fun in our fair city ahead of his variety show on Wednesday night at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater.

The popular food television show host has been tweeting photos from around town this week, including the cool sign at Crepes Thai (housed in the former Crepes Mille trailer) on SoCo, vintage finds at what appears to be Uncommon Objects and those awesome embroidered shirts that I think he probably found at New Brohemia on South First. But my favorite pic so far was this one he posted this morning of a frosty Shiner Blonde and beef jerky from some company in Philadelphia. (That sentence is best read with a Pace Picante-like emphasis on the “Philadelphia” part.)

Barring more ice, which the local meteorologists tell us is unlikely, Brown will take the stage tomorrow night for the Austin stop on his Edible Inevitable show, which still has tickets ($39 to $79) available.

Thanks to Twitter, it’ll be fun to see how else he spends this “snow” day.