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Getting stylishly sweet with Maggie Louise Confections

Addie Broyles

Harvard Law School couldn’t prepare Maggie Callahan for life as a chocolatier. The former New Yorker was working as a corporate lawyer when she and her husband decided it was time for a change of pace. They moved to Austin and, at 8 months pregnant, she enrolled in the pastry program at Le Cordon Bleu.

Chocolate — and a baby — took over her life in all the best ways possible, she says now, three years later. Instead of tackling cases, she’s tempering chocolate, making marshmallows and caramel to make an ever-evolving line of chocolates and confections. Last fall, she turned her creative outlet into a business and launched Maggie Louise Confections (

Over the past six months, she’s created more than half a dozen themed boxes of charm bracelet-inspired chocolates for birthday, weddings, corporate gifts and holidays, including Mother’s Day, which is around the corner. Some of the chocolates are filled with cream or chocolate caramel, while others have chocolate nougat or peanut butter candy. She also makes an elegant spin on an old favorite — white chocolate Chex Mix — and has sold all kinds of other molded chocolates, including rock star Easter bunnies and a retro toy series.

Boxes starts at $13.50 for six pieces, and you can order online or buy them at the Candy jar in the Hill Country Galleria. Callahan’s next project? A storefront as whimsical as her treats. Check out the Facebook page ( for updates.