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Food nonprofits happy to take your money during Amplify Austin

Addie Broyles

Over the next 24 hours, you are going to hear the words “Amplify Austin” a lot. On TV, on the radio, in your Facebook feed and hopefully in your workplace or wherever you spend your non-home time.

Hosted by I Live Here, I Give Here, Amplify Austin is a 24-hour “festival of giving” to encourage Austinites to give as much as they can to local nonprofits over the course of a day.

Last year, 320 nonprofits participated in Amplify Austin, which raised more than $2.7 million in one day. (Their goal was $1 million.)

This year, the goal is to raise a mind-boggling $4 million for more than 400 Austin-area charities. As you might imagine, many of those charities’ missions have to do with food, from alleviating hunger to providing nutrition education. Some of the names, such as the Sustainable Food Center or the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, you’ll recognize, while others, such as WeViva and Micah 6, might not be as familiar.

Although every donation to Amplify Austin will go to a worthy nonprofit, if you are looking for one specifically in the food space, here are some to choose from:

Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, Austin Food & Wine Alliance, Sustainable Food Center, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, Manos de Cristo, Micah 6 of Austin, Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, Austin Empty Bowl Project, Urban Roots, Whole Planet Foundation, HOPE Farmers Market, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Green Corn Project, Farmshare Austin, Meals on Wheels and More, Meals on Wheels of Williamson/Burnet County, Austin Foundation for Eating Disorders, Saint Louise House, Health Start Foundation, Eastside Community Connection, Boneshaker Project, WeViva

Many of the nonprofits are hosting happy hours or other gatherings to gin up support, but only one (that I know of) is hosting a cooking class. Friday from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Toybrary, 7817 Rockwood Lane, Hilah Cooking’s Hilah Johnson will teach a family-friendly cooking class for a $10 donation to Circle of Health International. You can find out more on COHI’s Facebook page.