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Davenport: Never underestimate power of bright colors, cute cupcakes

Addie Broyles

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Kristen Davenport, Owner of Capital City Bakery (

What is it about food that makes you want to pause for a second before eating it to capture and share it?

Food is just as much visual pleasure as taste to me. I have a background in visual communications and design, and food photography was my gateway into the culinary world. Making my treats look tantalizing to others is my favorite part of the business. Instagram has become one of the best ways to get the word out; I’ll post a picture of our daily special and people will come to the shop and mention they saw my photo online! It’s amazing.

If you could recommend only three places in Austin to eat to a visitor, where would you send them?

My current favorite places (as a vegan) include Bouldin Creek Cafe, Shhmaltz and Via 313 Pizza.

Can you pick an all-time favorite Instagram post, food or otherwise?

My most “liked” posts are between a rainbow layer cake I made for Austin Pride and a candy corn cupcake, which I colored the cake orange, yellow and white and had a homemade vegan candy corn on top! We’re currently making vegan kolaches as well, which reminds me of my childhood in Texas. As far as my favorite pictures … I usually get food-nerdy over the ones with strong, bright colors and a cute background pattern.