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Austin360Eats: Finding unique dining experiences with Nicolai McCrary

Addie Broyles

This Q&A is part of our Austin360Eats launch, which appears in Friday’s Austin360 tab. Through our new project, you can share and view food and drink photos from around Central Texas by using the #Austin360Eats hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Keep up with the Statesman’s food and drink coverage by liking the Austin360Eats Facebook page.

Nicolai McCrary, Austin food photographer (

What is it about food that makes you want to pause for a second before eating it to capture and share it?

It’s really a combination of things. I mostly share photos of my food when I’m trying somewhere new that I want to recommend to others or trying some kind of unique experience. I tend to travel a lot and I think food is an interesting way to showcase the cultural differences between locations. My goal really is to drive business to the restaurants that I feel really deserve it while helping viewers find new places and dishes that I think are worth experiencing.

If you could recommend only three places in Austin to eat to a visitor, where would you send them?

Typically, I like to tailor my answer to the visitor whenever possible, but when giving suggestions to a general audience I have a few that I like to default to: Qui, Odd Duck and Ramen Tatsu-Ya. These are three of my current favorites that I think are pretty representative of the direction food in Austin is heading, without straying too far from Austin culture.

Can you pick an all-time favorite Instagram post, food or otherwise?

This photo from Together, a Korean restaurant in North Austin, is one of my personal favorites.