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Austin360Eats: Deana Saukam on Instagramming food

Addie Broyles

This Q&A is part of our Austin360Eats launch, which appears in Friday’s Austin360 tab. Through our new project, you can share and view food and drink photos from around Central Texas by using the #Austin360Eats hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Keep up with the Statesman’s food and drink coverage by liking the Austin360Eats Facebook page.

Deana Saukam, media and events director at East Side King, Qui (

What is it about food that makes you want to pause for a second before eating it to capture and share it?

I love food, and it’s amazing how food can really bring people together. I feel as though taking a second to snap a photo before or during a meal helps me remember where I was at a certain time in my life, since my life is very centered around food. It is also a way for me share my experiences and remember what I ate.

If you could recommend only three places in Austin to eat to a visitor, where would you send them?

If I could only recommend three places in Austin, other than our restaurants and trailers, they would be Ramen Tatsu-Ya, Micklethwait Craft Meats and Tam Deli for Vietnamese.

Can you pick an all-time favorite Instagram post, food or otherwise?

My all-time favorite Instagram post is one I snapped in March of last year while on a boat a few miles off the coast of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, of a floating fish farm selling cuttlefish, crab, shark and cobia. We secured our boat to side of the floating fish farm, hopped off, and purchased a variety of live seafood that swam in the large nets suspended in the sea.