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New products: Ana’s adds chorizo mix, NurturMe turns to quinoa

Addie Broyles

Two established Austin food companies have added products of note to their inventories in recent months.

The first comes from Anna Olvera-Ullrich and Jim Ullrich, who have sold more than 2 million tubs of their famous salsa since launching the company in 1997. It’s been years since they expanded Ana’s Foods ( beyond salsa — first with an herb mix and then with serrano jams — but now they are rolling out a new spice mix called Ana’s Chorizo Mix, a blend of dried peppers and other seasonings that can be used in everything from chili and tacos to roasted chicken.

Crestview Minimax IGA, 7108 Woodrow Ave., is the only store that carries all of the Ana’s products, including the chorizo mix, which retails for $1.99, but expect other grocers to pick it up soon.

NurturMe ( is a younger Austin company that has done well in its first years in business. Mompreneurs Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough teamed up in 2010 to create a line of dried organic infant cereals and baby foods that parents mix with milk, formula or water to serve to their new eaters.

The products are now sold internationally, and last month, they added the first organic quinoa infant cereal ($5.75 for 3.7 oz.) on the market. The product is good for families dealing with allergies and has a higher protein content than wheat or rice. You can buy the products online or at local grocers, including H-E-B and Whole Foods Market.