Listen to Austin 360 Radio connects companies, eateries for not-your-ordinary catering

Addie Broyles

Restaurants are always trying to drum up business, including catering, but most owners, chefs or food truck operators don’t have the time to build relationships with businesses or event companies that are in need of their food.

On the other side of the equation, companies that are trying to keep their employees productive through the lunch hour often don’t know how to get out of the sandwich platter rut.

Tired of eating the same sandwiches from the deli by his office, Alex Lorton co-founded the San Francisco-based, a service to connect food vendors and commercial clients that is expanding to Austin this month.

“We want to provide people with access to great food that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get in the office,” he says. Interesting food keeps employees engaged and encourages them to interact, which is the cornerstone of a good company culture.

With strong food and start-up scenes, Austin was an obvious choice for expansion for, which in addition to San Francisco operates in New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C.

They are currently working with Austin companies such as Dropbox and matching them with eateries including Regal Ravioli, Roll On Sushi Diner, Austin Daily Press and Hot Mama’s Cafe. In addition to helping a company bring in catered lunches and meals, Lorton says they also work with organizations hosting galas or large-scale events that want to bring in unexpected cuisine from locally owned companies that might not otherwise offer catering. You can find out more about on the website,