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Eating on Demand: A guide to Austin restaurant delivery

Addie Broyles

If you’re hungry and don’t want to cook, your options for food delivery used to be limited to pizza and Chinese food.

But not any more.

In the past year, the number of companies offering food delivery has grown quickly to include a number of app-driven services, including Favor and Postmates, that rely on freelance drivers who can pick up food at just about any establishment that sells it, including food trucks or even grocery store.

In a big story in Sunday’s paper, tech writer Omar Gallaga and I explored this delivery-on-demand industry that also includes Nimble Foods and Demand Foods, two relatively new Austin companies that offer a limited menu of hot, ready-to-eat prepared meals for ultra-fast delivery.

Part of this includes grocery delivery, which I’ll blog in another post, but I wanted to share this round-up we compiled of all the local options for restaurant (and restaurant-like) delivery. We’ve broken it into two categories: restaurant delivery and non-restaurant (but non-grocery) delivery.

Restaurant delivery services:

Postmates uses freelance drivers to deliver anything, including restaurant food or groceries, 24/7 via an iOS or Android app. In our test, we had a good delivery experience with a driver who let us know when she encountered an order problem. Charges $5 plus percentage of order price. The company is aggressively pursuing new customers with a $10 promo code offer. (, iOS/Android app)

GrubHub is in 700 cities including Austin and has a very slick app on iOS and Android that can track your order as it’s being delivered. It will even scan your credit card number from a photo if you’re too lazy to type it in. Delivery fees vary by restaurant and there’s typically a $10 or $15 minimum. (, website ordering, iOS/Android app)

Favor, which calls itself a “delivery assistant,” operates in Central Austin and Boston and is available as an iOS or Android app. Delivery fees are $5 for orders $50 or less plus tip (minimum $2). (, iOS/Android app)

Mr. Delivery is in 18 cities including Austin. Delivery fees are typically $3.99-$7.99 plus processing fee. (, Web ordering, mobile browser-friendly site)

Eat24 says it’s like “a food truck in your pants” with a variety of mobile apps and a slick interface. Delivery fees vary by restaurant, and there’s typically a $10 minimum on orders. Restaurant selection limited in Austin. (, iOS/Android/Kindle and Google Chrome apps)

Eat Out In does restaurant delivery and event catering in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, West Lake Hills and Cedar Park as well as San Antonio and Selma. Service cost is 15 percent of the order, $6.95 minimum fee. (, Web ordering, mobile browser-friendly site)

Other companies that offer delivery of food, among other items, in Austin: Dine on Demand (, NeedTo (, Austin Express Couriers (, Longhorn Delivery (

Non-restaurant meal delivery companies:

Nimble Foods offers both lunch and dinner ($8, tax and delivery included) for delivery between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday-Friday and Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. Their delivery area is between Lady Bird Lake and RM 2222, MoPac Boulevard (Loop 1) to Pleasant Valley. (, 512-954-4586)

Demand Food, which has a larger delivery zone (Oltorf to 45th, MoPac to Pleasant Valley), is limited to dinner only and is open from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Meals cost $9.99 per meal, tip, tax and delivery included. (, 512-366-3260)

Other specialty meal providers that aren’t exactly delivery on demand but offer delivery nonetheless:

Fixed Foods, a Paleo meal delivery service that delivers, at minimum, a week’s worth of pre-packaged meals at a time. Plans start at $60 for five meals. (, 512-960-3535)

Snap Kitchen also offers delivery of their pre-packaged meals, though it’s limited to a 5-mile radius around the central kitchen downtown. (, 512-479-5959)

Super Natural Foods, the newest meal delivery company in Austin, sells vegan (and gluten- and allergen-free) meals, juices, smoothies, salads and detoxing elixirs in two-, five- and seven-day programs that start at $180. (

Soup Peddler is a long-running Austin delivery company that specializes in fully cooked meals that are delivered on a set day of the week, depending on where you live. You have to order by midnight on Saturday the week before you’d like your order to arrive. (, 512-444-7687)

Did we leave off your favorite meal delivery service? Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing and we’ll add to the list.